RivaMika week- Day 2, Gladioli; Strength.

I had this AU in mind for a while, and what best time to illustrate it other than now? Humanity’s most graceful aerial duo.

I’ve seen some performances, and let’s just say… It requires A LOT of strength, flexibility, grace, and most importantly, trust between the couple performing. Who better to represent them other than our beloved OTP?     \ (•◡•) /

(I don’t remember drawing the ‘Find the 999999 error’ game so please ignore THE MASS of mistakes in them..) 


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The dads just had to be sneaked on by their little kid.



The dads just had to be sneaked on by their little kid.

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Did a short doujin for relieving daily stress. Ah, i love their son-dad relationship…


Imagine Eren and Jean being the kid of ‘stop you’re embarrassing me’ parents that do things like kiss in front of their kids’ friends and tell baby stories to large groups of people at parties, along with being technologically impaired and using slang in the wrong context. Imagine Eren driving a minivan and being a soccer dad. Imagine Jean playing ‘got your nose.’ Imagine both of them telling dad jokes (“Dad, I’m hungry”; “Hello hungry; we’re dads.”). Imagine Eren and Jean loving their kids to death and expressing it the only way they know how; by being completely humiliating in every way.


Pretty artblocked lately, so have the last panel of a comic I’ll never finish.


My first Rivamika fanart

For Megillien, who put the idea into my head and pushed me into this fandom…Thank you! I’m really glad you made me draw them!

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it’s been a while since i did one of those comics so it was about time to do one

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The road all fandoms must go down

A road no fandom wants to go down


The road so far

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進撃ログ4 by まつ

i love how everyone else is nervous and stuff but jean is just like “… i worked it and i looked fierce”

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